Wedding Show and flower girls

February 23, 2017

Hi. I know I didn’t publish anything since September. Soooo rude but I was terribly busy with my all #interestingphotoprojects. You can believe or not but once I was so close to publishing one post for you and didn’t find anyone who could help me with my English issues. Yesterday all changed. My friend gave me a really honest advice:
“Stop pretending that you speak perfect English, be yourself and show how good you are with it and your skills. You are a professional photographer from Poland, not an English speaker. Your pictures should shout for you.” That was his all true about me and that’s why I’m here with my post today.
So I promise I will never pretend again. I will honestly show my skills and like always I’ll develop for all of you the best quality photos you deserve.

But this post is not about it. I want to tell you what I saw in this country first time and I really like it. Flower girls – it’s a very popular and cute live decoration on a wedding. Usually, they wear similar dresses and I feel is an unwritten rule that more young they are cuter they look on the red carpet. Connecting these girls with bridesmaids team guarantee 100 percent of success that all grandmas and aunties will cry when they will see that sweet picture of your event. This pictures under that post were taken on a wedding show in Peterborough for Rowena Croft Hughes and Sofie Hardwick – girls from an event organizer company. Rowena and Sofie are so talented girls offering full complex services very useful when you planning your wedding. This week we will meet again at the wedding show in beautiful venue Woodland Manor in Clapham.

If you planning your wedding in this venue soon, you should be there as well. Will be great to meet you and maybe I will have a chance to take shots of your wedding as well.

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