Wedding day with Daria, Peter and Mia

February 1, 2018

I was absolutely lucky taking photos for Daria on both her weddings. A life writes different scenarios and that’s why ages ago I took first wedding photos with Daria and this year I got a second chance for the same. A lot of time has passed since then: we moved to the UK, started a new business here, new life. And just after years, I got a phone from Daria and she asked: “Kordian would you like to take photos on my wedding?” I said, “I did in the past and I’ll be happy to do it again if you still want me as your photographer”. I found only one issue – we live in the UK. That was an amazing coincidence because Daria and her husband live in the UK as well and the wedding was coming “next month”.

We met again after years and I’ve never seen such a big happiness like then. Because we can not always match to each other people have to get a second chance in life sometimes. I hope this marriage will be for ages and I will only have a chance to take a lot of happier photos of that wonderful family. Take a look at this happy day.