R&S Amazing Wedding photography at Kings Arms in Bedford

Kordian Pach is SUCH an amazing photographer and friend. We were so right to trust the most important day of our lives to him and in return, he captured stunning pictures and really special moments for us to remember the day by for years and years to come. A very creative, talented and thoroughly nice guy who blended into the scenery and we never felt awkward or like we had to pose all the time and the result was breathtaking. Kordian is very good couples who are not used to being photographed and puts you at your ease directing you if needed or just letting you be and capturing those all important special moments. After the years have passed, the wedding vouchers are spent, the honeymoon is over and you are wondering how you were every slender enough to fit that wedding dress the images of your big day are there to remind you- it’s worth spending money on a good photographer as your pictures will last you a lifetime. I can recommend no one higher than Kordian and his extremely talented wife also did my make up- well worth getting a quote. With Kordian Pach and Crodo Photography you get an amazing package- we found none to match it price wise it was the very best out there and both Steve Croft Hughes and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I now run my own wedding and events company and Kordian Pach is my number one photographer and I encourage everyone thinking of booking a photographer for their special event – whatever the occasion to get in touch with him- you will NOT be disappointed.


Photos from this amazing wedding have delivered to the newlyweds a long time ago. I didn’t publish them yet, because our blog was created for longer than I planned. Today, I found the time to select frames from this beautiful day for this post. The capturing began early in the morning in a hair salon in Bedford. Two hours later I went to the groom, Dorothy was with the bridesmaids in one of the most beautiful places in Bedford – Hotel De Parish. There was the preparation of the Bride. The bride spent the last hours before the wedding with the cheerful companion of bridesmaids. They were helping her look the most beautiful in the world for that one guy. The ceremony of the wedding and after party took place in the splendidly decorated Kings Arms Church, Ampthill Road in Bedford. How it everything looked let’s see in our photographs.

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