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One of the most fantastic parts of that job is that we can connect all our passions together. Wedding photography, traveling and socializing. Meeting people is one of the reasons why we are still taking photos. Especially when you love so many portraits as we do. Because all life experience and emotions are written on peoples faces. So, thinking about what you can easily understand why with the biggest pleasure we can take photos around the world at different weddings in different cultures. That is our pleasure to travel an work with a passion for You.

We are Europeans and the biggest benefit of it is that we can easily travel to all European countries without any borders. Just we and our backpacks with all photographic equipment which we will need for your destination wedding photographs.


Liebe, pag-ibig, , amour, imħabba, αγάπη, любовь, amare, meilė, ljubav, Is breá, ความรัก, miłość, love!

“Love” in every language looks different, but it’s all about the same feeling which when is real, the name doesn’t matter. We speak English and Polish, understand Rusian and Czech. We believe that photography must be true, we don’t even have to talk too much. We will find words good enough to describe what is necessary even if you will use another language we don’t know. And after that, our photos will tell you much more than you imagined.

Till now We had a chance to take wedding photos for an amazing people in a few European countries. We have taken photos in colorful Holland where we met a beautiful Polish Bride and her handsome Dutchman. That was a big wedding for both families and we will never forget like on the party Jan (The Groom) fantastic performed Michael Jackson dance.

Our next international trip was to Colony in Germany. Again the Polish beauty was taken by German lad as a wife. Unforgettable was the photo session on a lake when they both went to the water totally unexpectable. Very spontaneous moment and we got it in our photos.

We had two trips to extremally hot Greece and some of that photos you can still see in our gallery Collections.

I’m telling you that because all that people are still in touch with us. W send one to another birthday wishes, talking about life etc. Would be that possible if they couldn’t be happy with our services?

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