Kordian and Dorothy

Photographer and Makeup Artist

My name is Kordian – I am a photographer, my wonderful wife Dorothy is a talented makeup artist. Both we create friendly team offering professional photography services connected with an amazing makeup.

The art has always been our passion since the beginning of our relationship. We have learned our craft from practicing the delicate art of Wedding photography which raised our creative and technical skills to a whole new height in our profession.

When you hire us you are hiring experienced people in the Wedding and Commercial Photography industry. We are currently working across the Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire area. If you have any questions about our work and current offers, please feel free to contact us anytime.

PHOTOGRAPHY - How does it work?

Our photographs

1) Why should you choose us?
Please look at our photo galleries as we firmly believe that the quality and creativity of our work speaks for us through these images.

2) We pay great attention to detail
Skin tones should be close to their true natural reflection and the overall colors and lighting of a scene should be tailored to the mood.

To achieve this effect we use high-quality cameras with manual settings, bright lenses, and natural scene light. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we hardly ever use external flashes.

3) The main secret of our photography style
is to not interfere or change the natural proceedings of your Wedding Day. We are merely observers recording the event as it unfolds.

Do explore our website as it does show various examples of the types of Wedding shots we have taken from the Wedding preparation, the actual ceremony to the Wedding reception.

We Love Your Details

You spend thousands of pounds on the details which make your Wedding unique and special to you.

We love these and will use the techniques mentioned above to ensure that we capture them.

The hours of your Wedding Day will go quickly; however, while you may not have the time to sit back and fully appreciate your cake or the stunning design of your dress or suit we will make sure that you have gorgeous pictures of it alongside all of the other fine moments.

Advanced Post Production

All pictures you receive will be processed in a way that will focus on what is most important on each single frame.

Close ups are gently retouched. We use professional retouch software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to make the already unforgettable experience even more beautiful and vivid.

As experienced graphic designers we ensure your coffee table (if applicable). Your  Wedding book will never be boring and will always be a unique piece of photographic art.

Soft and romantic style

On a Wedding Day we use only the light available from your venue — even if the conditions are not desirable we will advise you on how to create a romantic mood for taking the pictures. We always remain focused and attentive to ensure that every part of your special day will be captured. Once the pictures are compiled they will tell a complete story.

We always remain focused and attentive to ensure that every part of your special day will be captured. Once the pictures are compiled they will tell a complete story.

We also encourage our clients to book a separate session after their Wedding Day where we will take things to a whole new level of creativity.

We do this by going to unique & interesting locations which with the aid of special backlighting and additional props we can create exceptional romantic and atmospheric pictures which would fit perfectly into any fashion magazine.

If our couples are interested to sneak out from their Wedding party for a short ‘Night Time’ Photography session we will use this wonderful opportunity to create some very interesting shots.

For these, we capture the motion in traffic lights, balance hot lights and flash to create a moody, yet vibrant image and much more.

MAKEUP - Be your most beautiful!

Dorothy B.P.

Professional Make up Artist & Hairstylist who specializes in Bridal. Based in Sandy but travels to any location.

Dorothy trained at the Pomeranian Study of Makeup and Visual Arts.

Dorothy’s kit is made up of premium products including Kryolan, Mac Cosmetics, Inglot, Artistry. She takes huge pride in her kit and has a great passionate for makeup, so she makes sure that it is constantly updated with the latest products to ensure a beautiful finish.

We Love To Be Creative For You

Wedding photography is a totally unique form of photography which should be breathtakingly beautiful. Our Wedding photography style is deeply rooted in photo journalism, influenced by fine- art and fashion photography. Expect our finished photographic images to be creative and high quality.

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