Frequently Asked Questions

We like your photos, can we meet?

Ofcourse. We always prefer to meet our future Bride and Groom. At the meeting, we will have a chance to answer other questions, show the albums and hear about your wedding plans.


We don’t live nearby, can we just sign a contract and have you on our wedding?

Hmm, if there is no other option… but we would be rather to chat even if that would be only a Skype or Whatsup. Taking photos at tour wedding its not only about technical issues. We want to be sure that at the Day we will not pass by in expectations.


How does booking & payment work?

We’ll ask for a £300 deposit when we sign the contract for wedding photography which secures your event date in our calendar. The balance is due before your wedding. At least We are expecting the bank transfer the day before the event.


Some venue owners expect that photo and video team will be insured. Are you insured?

Yes, We are insured for Public and Professional Liability.


How long will you attend?

Full coverage package has no hour limit of work. Means that if you need photographers taking photos of some nighttime special event like fireworks, we will take photos of that moment with pleasure if we will know about that BEFORE the wedding day.
Usually, we arrive to work 2 or 3 hours before the ceremony and we leave about an hour after the first dance.

How many pictures we will get and when?

Our standard package includes around 500 post-processed images with unlimited printing license. You will get them as:
– link to the zip file with full-sized images,
– link to the private online gallery, which will be available for 6 months after the event.
They’ll be ready in 10 days after the event but at least on Monday evening after your wedding, you will get the first package of 20-30 photos you can share with your family.


What if you will have an accident, illness or other unfortunate unexpected event and you will have no chance to take photos at our wedding?

We are taking photos over 15 years already and we were lucky, it didn’t happen before, but if: don’t forget we are a team and we work together. So is 50% chance that one of us will come for sure and will fulfill the contract with help of another experienced photographer we are regularly in touch.


How long our wedding gallery will be available online? What if we will want to use it longer?

The standard offer includes your online personalized gallery being available for 6 months after your event. If you will still need to keep an access to the gallery after that time, you can extend it.

Got more questions? No problem at all! Please email us and We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.