Our recent work

September 13, 2016

Croft-Hughes & Hardwick Events photoshoots PART1

Now the time has come when we can share the outcomes of our co-operation with @CroftHughesAndHardwick. The ladies manage a company focusing on organising events, particularly wedding ceremonies. …

September 12, 2016

On summer morning – d’Parys Hotel

We were again guests in this magnificent #location – d’Parys Hotel in#Bedford. This place we were using for #advertisingphotoshots for rasing local company @CroftHughesandHardwick. Girls are incredible …

September 5, 2016 can be the best with them

One Fine Day – company own by our good friends. They are perfectionists with all they offer. If you are looking for something really special on your …

September 1, 2016

Chris and Agnieszka – Beautiful International Wedding

I met Agnes and Chris first time together in London South Kensington. It was almost one year before the wedding.  We had a long friendly chat when …

June 12, 2016

R&S Wedding photography Kings Arms

The effects of a photo from this amazing wedding has delivered to the newlyweds long time ago. I didn’t show them yet, because our blog was created …

Emotions Are The Most Important

We live in times when almost everyone owns a digital camera and thinks they can take a good photograph. But if you look at our photo galleries you will see the much superior standard of photography you can expect from our trained, experienced eyes with professional photographic equipment and lighting. We capture the magic and emotions of your carefully planned Wedding Day story in a way which will ensure the memory will stay vivid forever. Please ask yourself do you really want to take the risk of having an amateur take photographs of such an important time in your life?


We Love To Be Creative

On your Wedding Day we will be observers recording the stunning reality of your special day.
If you opt to have us return after your Wedding for another day of shooting you will then feel our creativity at its most powerful. We will take you to selected locations to make images which you would usually expect to see in fashion magazines — offering further memories of your new life together.
It is our mission to ensure we deliver you extraordinarily good photographs. So we ask you to relax and enjoy the time you spend with us as we want to capture the true face of your love.


The Devil Is In The Details

Prepparing Your wedding You can spend thousands of pounds on the details which make your Wedding unique and special to you such as the rings, outfits, floral arrangements, centrepieces, venues, confectioneries etc.
We love these and will use the techniques mentioned above to ensure that we capture them. The hours of your Wedding Day will go quickly; however, while you may not have the time to sit back and fully appreciate your cake or the stunning design of your dress or suit we will make sure that you have gorgeous pictures of it alongside all of the other fine moments.



Hit The Jackpot

We Are Known For Our Creativity & Friendliness

We are Dorothy and Kordian – a friendly husband and wife team offering professional Wedding photography services. The art of taking good photographs has always been our passion since the beginning of our relationship. We have worked as professional photographers for almost 15 years and learnt our craft from practising the delicate art of Wedding photography which raised our creative and technical skills to a whole new height in our profession.

Please check our packages and we are sure that you will find good options for you. If you wish to know us better take a look at our photo galleries showing the quality of our work and do read our Testimonials page to find out what our customers think about us. When you book to meet with us we will show you samples of the finished products we deliver for our clients including Wedding albums, our full story-telling in pictures of your special day, HD video footage on DVD and more.

We have photographed over 200 Weddings and each couple receives a package of unforgettable shots with a complete story of their special day. Use our services and we will do the same for you!